Online community meetup: Thursday June 11th: "BigBlueButton and Open edX"

Join us for our regular monthly online meetup! Our speaker for June will be Stefania Trabucci from Abstract Technology, telling us about integrating BigBlueButton with Open edX systems.

Full details, including the time and Zoom link are on the event page.


Awesome! Looking forward to this. Getting mixed reports about this integration for some time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the article here, and am wondering if you will provide a recording of the presentation? It would be especially useful as I intend to send it to a potential user organization.

Also, is there a similar index of case studies as the one above? perhaps something like “Sites powered by Open edX Platform” - but with an explanation of add-ons/ x-blocks/ tech integrations? Would be even nicer to go over the learning theory and structure behind them.

I’d also be very interested in a list with short descriptions of add-ons used by fellow educators. These can be tools for webinars (BBB) visual collaboration (miro), voting, collecting questions or answers for a session (menti), etc

All our monthly online meetups are recorded:

The recordings are usually available the same day

Ned, thanks for your work!

Is the “Pedagogy and Instructional Design Working Group” continuing in a different composition?

Also, do you have an answer to the question on “in depth index of case studies” with customizations made, and outside add-ons used?

Let’s talk about those things in new topics, so other people can find them more easily.

Thanks so much to Nicole, Silvio, and Stefania from Abstract Technology for telling us about their integration of BigBlueButton with Open edX.

The video is here:

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