How to configure BigBlueButton LTI and Use it with open edx studio

I want to configure my bigbluebutton LTI and use it with open edx I can’t find any resource online. I found one but It show with zoom

Hello @Abel_Getu and welcome to the community!

To configure BBB as LTI in Open edX course you have to do following things:

  1. Install BBB on a server (BBB Installation Doc)
  2. Post BBB installation, get BBB LTI configuration using this command,
$ bbb-conf --lti


       URL: https://<bbb_domain>/lti/tool
  Customer: bbb
    Secret: 12345678fsdffds465sdfd4

  Icon URL: https://<bbb_domain>/lti/images/icon.ico

  1. Enable & Configure LTI as a component in Open edX course (Documentation)

I hope you will be able to move forward with above steps.

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Thanks @jramnai I will check it and let you know.

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