Lms.env.json INSTALLED array help

in lms.env.json ADDL INSTALLED array was not so i added them at top. I had created django app in my pycharm compiler but i am not getting how ill set the path from here

  1. Login to your edx instance and change to edxapp user, activate edx platform virtual environment and cd into exd-platform folder.

  2. With the following command create a new app. ./manage.py lms startapp your-app-name

  3. Copy and paste the codes of admin.py, forms.py, and models.py files to the newly created app.

  4. Add the newly created app to your lms.env.json file just like this. `“ADDL_INSTALLED_APPS”:[“your-app-name”],

  5. Add the newly created form to your lms.env.json file like this “REGISTRATION_EXTENSION_FORM”: “your-app-name.forms.YourForm”,`

  6. Run migrations.

  7. Start/restart the LMS.

For point 1.

use below steps

sudo su edxapp -s /bin/bash
cd ~
source edxapp_env
python /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/manage.py {lms/cms} syncdb --settings=production
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extra custom field is added but when i click the create account button registration page the data is not inserted in database or button remains pressed

Hello - I was having similar problem and tried this, but I am prompted with a sudo password. None of the my-passwords.yml work for the edxapp user it seems? Do you have any information on this?