Looking for a place to start helping on the development side

I’m looking to start contributing to openedX, but all of the “help wanted” and “good first issues” seem to be taken. Can anyone recommend other good places to start?

Additionally, if this should go in a different group, let me know…



I’ll make a plug for the DEPR working group as a great place to find this kind of work. We’ve been onboarding a number of new members of the community. However, there is always more work to be found.

  1. See Deprecation Working Group - Open edX Community - Open edX Community Wiki for more about the group, and reach out on Slack, and join the meetings.
  2. I just added How to find and deprecate temporary toggles. There are plenty of potential tasks here. Some discussion might be needed to turn up a “good first issue”.

There’s also this guide, which includes a link to dozens of open “help wanted” issues: How to Start Contributing Code - Open edX Community - Open edX Community Wiki

Direct link to the issues: Issues · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub .

Huh, when I looked for “help wanted” it only showed me like 5 tickets. not sure what I did wrong… but thanks for the pointer!