Looking for architecture overview

I’m new here, and trying to figure out how all of the repos fit together, etc. I’ve found: Architecture Onboarding Presentation - Architecture and Engineering - Open edX Community Wiki but it’s just the slides which is not as helpful as I’d like, as a lot of things are presumably said while pointing at these slides…

Is there a version of someone presenting these slides? or a text document with this information?

If I understand this correctly:

devstack is a super-repo of all of the sub-repos, for developement.

Tutor is a super-repo of most of the sub-repos, for development.

edx-platform is a super-repo of most of the sub-repos for deployment.

The rest are all components that may or may not be incorporated into those three? (there may be other super-repos I haven’t noticed)

Is that correct?

@bpostow Platform Overview — Latest documentation might be helpful.

Thanks! that’s useful for what libraries are used, etc, but it doesn’t explain how the 222 different repositories fit together, or what’s actually needed to start working on different things. Since each repo has it’s own tickets, I’m not sure what exactly i need for various issues.