Looking to create Eduverse like metaverse where students can explore

Hi all,
I wanted to create a pluggable Metaverse type system in OpenEdx where we upload a particular module and users can use with AR/VR or HOLO Lens or can watch in Metaverse. Please suggest how i can do that.

Hi @Parvin_Kumar

First, find some other website or webservice that provides the modular “metaverse” experience you are looking for.

Second, use an <iframe> to embed each such metaverse module into your course wherever you want. You can also use “LTI” instead of plain iframe for a more sophisticated integration, if the “metaverse” tool supports it (but likely that is not the case).

If you want anything more than that, you’ll likely need to be prepared for a large project in terms of effort, complexity, and budget.

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@braden Thankyou very much for helping me out