Implement the Metaverse with Open edX

Hi All,

I am thinking if we create a Metaverse with Edx. Few benefits of Metaverse will be for all students and teachers are

Creating Simulating real-life situations

Virtual 3D Classrooms

Digital Learning

Virtual Campus Activities

Bringing Awareness

Virtual Tours

What I am purposing is Metaverse features will be added into the platform if anyone want to create a stimulation right now, they must work their own and upload a file and in future we create a store from where they can create online stimulation and upload the file like H5P in Edx. It will be useful for Medical Field where they must do doctors stimulations, in MBA there they will prepare live case theory and lawyers can practice law in virtual environment and so on. I understand they are exceedingly arduous task for all of core contributors to do in right now when they are launching latest version of Openedx and they all also contributing to creating Tutor Plugins. But if all firsthand deck will work on it. It will revolutionize the education sector and people will first always remember Edx community for their contribution.

I am looking for suggestion from you all. If I wanted to implement this how we can achieve this thing.