LTI issue with Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)

Hello All,

LTI integration with Lynda (now Linkedin Learning) is not working.

Below are the steps which I followed to work LTI.

  • Added “lti_consumer” in Advanced Settings > Advanced Module List

  • Added Passport in Advanced Settings > LTI Passports
    Passport: “linkedin_id:customer_key:customer_secret_key”

  • Created LTI consumer block from Advance with the following details.
    LTI ID: linkedin_id
    LTI URL:
    Custom Parameters: [“lis_person_name_full=”, “lis_person_name_family=”, “roles=”, “tool_consumer_instance_description=”, “”, “”, “context_title=”]

    all other parameter values are the default.

The following error is showing in LMS:

Anyone could help me ?

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@kiran_chauhan what error trace in LMS logs?

Yes logs might be useful here. When Ive seen this error its because the LTI passport app:ckey:skey does not match.