I have done configured for the LTI-TOOL-PROVIDER, after i have configured i have to launch URL for testing my LTI Authentication in IMS Global website but in that website there is no page as such shown in the document or option to launch my URL, please throw some light on it, i am following this doc 4.21.5. Configuring Open edX User Authentication for LTI — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation

Just use a different emulator or you can use your actual LTI provider as well.

This is what I found after a quick Google search:

@uetuluk Thank You.
I will try to use that site.

@uetuluk can we have sample demo or doc for how to use this emulator with tutor running locally?

As I mentioned, I have not used that tool myself, but you will need to find an alternative for local testing.

@uetuluk okay
Thank You.

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Thank you @sarina