Mailing-list mode disabled?

@nedbat Do you know if the option to enable mailing-list mode been disabled recently, on this forum? I use it to keep track of the posts here, and this morning I noticed that I hadn’t received any email from the forum. When I went to my email preferences, I couldn’t find the option. It should look like this:

But currently I see the following on this forum:

In the admin, there is an option “Disable mailing-list mode” - I don’t have access to check though. Maybe this option has been selected recently?

We had “disable mailing list mode” checked, but that is the default. I have just unchecked it to allow mailing-list mode. Why would admins want to prevent people from using mailing lists?

@nedbat Thank you! The setting is back :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why it would be disabled – but at least on OpenCraft’s discourse instance, the default seem to be unchecked (checking it adds a “reset” button next to it). Maybe there is another option that changes the default? You might be able to track the history of changes, including who/when there:{“subject”%3A"disable_mailing_list_mode"%2C"action_name"%3A"change_site_setting"}


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