Micro Frontend Login Error: Forbidden (CSRF token missing) - DevStack (Quince)

I’m encountering a ‘Forbidden (CSRF token missing)’ error when attempting to log in through a micro frontend in DevStack (Quince release).


  • I’m using DevStack (Quince) with a micro frontend architecture for user authentication.


Whenever I try to log in via the micro frontend login form, I receive a “Forbidden (CSRF token missing)” error message in the browser. This prevents successful login attempts.

Searching “csrf” in the Devstack repo yields this, is it helpful? devstack/docs/troubleshoot_general_tips.rst at 323b475b885a2704489566b262e2895a4dca62b6 · openedx-unsupported/devstack · GitHub

Please keep in mind that Devstack is deprecated now, and you should migrate to Tutor for the Redwood release.

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Thank you so much @sarina, this worked. I would like to use tutor, but i could not find some docs or guidelines on how i can make tutor work with Micro frontend, when i check a particular MFE repo, the instructions lead to using devstack, would be nice if you could provide me some docs or any help on how i can setup tutor with MFE’s.

My understanding is Tutor “just works” with MFEs. I am not a tutor developer but Quince and Redwood shipped using MFEs - and Devstack was not a supported part of Quince.

I would recommend making a new top-level post if you’re having trouble with MFEs and Tutor, and you can’t find anything by searching the Tutor docs and this forum. I’d recommend pointing out which instructions lead you to believe you need Tutor. Devstack was never a deployment mechanism and MFEs have been deployed using Tutor for a number of releases. Again, please ask a new question in a New Post, I cannot help you with this.