Upgrading from Ironwood native to Nutmeg tutor

We have a native Ironwood installation running on Ubuntu 16.04. We would like to upgrade to the latest Nutmeg Tutor install. And we also have the SCORM xblock installed. Is the upgrade possible? I’m thinking of the following steps.

  1. Install a new Nutmeg Tutor (on Ubuntu 20.04? Couldn’t find the OS prerequisite, may be because this is a docker image)
  2. Take backup of MySQL and MongoDB of Ironwood, and restore on local box.
  3. On the local box, run a script that upgrades the databases from Ironwood to Nutmeg → Does such a script exist?
  4. Backup the databases from the local box and restore them on the Nutmeg instance.
  5. Copy over all the *.env.json and *.yml changes, and the certificates.
  6. Pray this works.

Step 3 above is the most important. I’m wondering if anyone created such a script.


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If you are going to migrate, maybe this post will help you.

About the direct migration it is not possible if I remember correctly, since you have to update the version through the database.

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