Migrating MySQL table-by-table from Lilac to Tutor Maple

Curious if anyone has existing SQL to insert Lilac data into Tutor-Maple on a table-by-table basis? I’ve done a half dozen platforms so far, partially, and this is a real pain point. To clarify, I’ve restored the complete collection of Lilac MySQL db’s to a MySQL server instance hosting a new Tutor-Maple installation. I’m looking for any form of automation that’d reduce the heavy lifting involved in migrating the table contents into the single Tutor MySQL db.

Hi @lpm0073 I am curious as to what kind of problems you are encountering. Let me explain.

I am currently planning the migration of a Koa Native installation to a Koa Tutor installation and later on from Koa to Lilac to Maple and possibly Nutmeg by the end of summer and the start of Autumn. I’ve noticed some issues that are Tutor specific for a lack of a better term. For example, site id or partner id that were created previously under Native need to be slightly modified because Tutor creates new site id or partner id ans expects these new site id and partner id when migrating from Koa to Lilac or from Lilac to Maple.

I’m just curious if we are not facing the same issues? It has been a lot of manual SQL manipulation for now in the discovery, ecommerce, and edxapp (now openedx) databases to make sure to maintain some sense of integrity for the data.

that’s a good isolated example. i’m really inquiring more generally. a pretty good example of an excruciating pain point is the ecommerce module: lots of tables with data, and i lack intuition on which families of tables to pay attention to since i’m not well-versed in Oscar ecommerce. Ditto with the discussion form, discovery, and so on.

Ironically, the LMS itself is more straightforward.

I created the following two scripts that take care of the most important tables:


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