Migrating Tutor to another server

Hi -

I need to move an old tutor install (version 3.11.2 from January 2020) to another server. I could for sure upgrade before moving to the new server if it would help but would prefer to move it then worry about upgrading.

Are there any docs for migrating a tutor install? If not how do I make a backup I can restore to if the upgrade goes haywire for some reason?

I think I only have one or two custom plugins. Thanks


Just found this:

Hi @pdebruic,

The migration can be finished in a few different ways. I recently finished migration from Eucalyptus to Nutmeg, and everything went smoothly.

Option 1: You can create an AMI and transfer to a new server if your server is hosted by AWS.

Option 2: You can install the same open edx release and then move the database(MySQL + MongoDB) and media assets from the old server to the new server.

Option 3: You can install latest open edX release(Olive) using tutor(version v15.2.0) and then move database(MySQL + MongoDB) and media assets

I followed the following discussion threads and documentation:
How to migrate from a native deployment to a tutor deployment of the Open edX platform
Upgrading koa to nutmeg

These both documents help me a lot in migration. I hope this will help you.