Migration path ironwood.master native installtion to tutor olive


What would be the migration path from open edx native installation ironwood.master to tutor in its latest version?

I don’t remember which version of tutor is the equivalent to ironwood

Has anyone written how to do this?

@sbernesto, there is an excellent thread on a migration from Koa Native to Tutor Nutmeg. While it doesn’t go as far back as Ironwood (nor as far forward as Olive), it should give you some valuable information as to what to expect, in particular when migrating from Native to Tutor.


Version 15 is Olive.
Version 14 is Nutmeg.
Version 13 is Maple.
Version 12 is Lilac.
Version 11 is Koa.

I haven’t used previous version but I would assume, maybe wrongly, that Version 10 is Juniper?

Version 09 should be Ironwood, but there are no version 09, the version before 10.0.0 is 3.2.16 according to

Remember that it is recommended that you first upgrade from Native Ironwood to Tutor Ironwood and then install and upgrade to Juniper, and then to Koa and then to Lilac and then to Maple and then to Nutmeg and then to Olive. It is a long process.

Thank you both very much for your answer.

I went through this process too. Strength.

Have a look at: https://discuss.overhang.io/t/upgrading-from-ironwood-native-to-tutor/2904