Minio host inaccessible on a fresh Olive Install


I have installed a french Olive instance, i noticed that the minio host is inaccessible. I confirm that “” exists as a A record in the DNS console. (passed the Dnschecker test)

it seems that redirects to, than the browser shows " This site can’t be reached"

Minio : 15.0.0
Tutor : 15.1.0

@regis Help will be appreciated.

Hi Nacha,
I also observe that redirects to But this does not seem to cause any issue when trying to access uploaded files from files urls with download arguments. Did you observe any actual issue?

Hi @regis

It seems to me that is does affect ORA file upload…

  1. Add ORA exercice with file upload requirement
    2 Upload file
    3 Error is generated ( Error uploading file)

Thank you!

Hi regis

For some reason, uploading file works through ORA tough I have not changed anything

But still, accessing the Minio Web Console would be be still necessary