Missing input fields in UI of registration page

Hi all,

I’m having my own Edx Lilac instance at: Sign in or Register | STEAM for Vietnam. I’m configuring third party authentication using Keycloak for my Edx.

Flow: click login with Keycloak from LMS → redirect to Keycloak → enter username + pass → redirected back to LMS, but from here it’s saying We couldn’t create your account, and ask user to enter some more infor, but then there’re some missing input fields in the web UI like confirm email + confirm password, because of that, the user reg flow is stuck from here.

Sorry because I’m new member and can’t upload image. I uploaded a screenshot here: Screenshot 2023 01 02 at 4 15 02 PM — Postimages

You can try go to https://courses.steamforvietnam.net → Login → Login with Keycloak

username: user2
password: 123456

Hi @Duc_Trung_Mai

As of now in your registration form, confirm_password and confirm_email fields are required. You can hide them by updating the below change in configuration(in lms.yml file):

    confirm_password: hidden
    confirm_email: hidden

I hope this will work for you.

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you saved my day :slight_smile:

I just figured out, my team, they build a custom version of edx, long time ago, and not sure what’s the reason when they added those changes.

my problem is fixed. Thanks :hugs:

Hi @Duc_Trung_Mai - just a heads up that I changed the category of your post from “Community” to “Site Operators > Site Operations Help”.

If you could choose the proper category in the future, that would be great. It helps us keep things organized and helps you receive help faster.

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