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We at OpenCraft publish a monthly email newsletter that features news about our team, our projects, and what’s happening in the Open edX community. Each newsletter also features the recap of a blog post that we’ve published. I’ll share the content of these newsletters in this thread, every month.

We’ve recently started archiving our newsletters by turning them into blog posts, so I’m sharing the ones we’ve archived so far. You can also subscribe to receive our newsletter by going to our blog and filling out a short form. Cheers!

08-21 Newsletter: Virtual Community Event, Django 3.2 Update, OpenCraft Hiring

07-21 Newsletter: edX Acquired By 2U, LTI Advantage Certification, Extensions Directory

06-21 Newsletter: Lilac Released, Conference Recordings, How To Build New Features

05-21 Newsletter: Conference Recap, Lilac Updates, AWS S3 Encryption

04-21 Newsletter: 2021 Conference, Theming Improvements, Open Source MOOC

03-21 Newsletter: Platform Intro Talk, Doc-A-Thon, Mobile Apps

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Here’s our September newsletter : 09-21 Newsletter: Virtual Event Recap, Sites Generator, Maple Release | OpenCraft