Multiple instances of Tutor

Hi All,

Im relatively new to tutor and openedx. So @ first kindly do excuse me if you find my question very silly. I was successful in installing tutor in an EC2 Ubuntu instance. Now I would want to install another instance in the same EC2 server. Can anyone help me with the steps to achieve the same? Thanks in advance?

It’s totally possible. Have a look at this tutorial: Running multiple Open edX platforms on a single server — Tutor documentation

Hi Regis!

Thanks for you reply. I did see this tutorial earlier. But as mentioned Iam very new to openedx and tutor. So im not sure where to change these parameters.

In fact I tried this by putting these parameters inside ./tutor/templates/apps/openedx/config/lms.env.yml.
Then, I ran the command “tutor images build openedx” followed by the command “tutor local launch”.

Am i doing something wrong here?

Right. Modifying lms.envs.yml is definitely not the way to go. Please read this section of the docs: Concepts — Tutor documentation
Also, read this: Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation
In addition, you can also watch the beginning of this video: Webinar: Tutor Source Code 101 - YouTube