Running multiple Open edX platforms on a single server not working

I am struggling with setting up a second instance on the same server.
I have changed all the parameters described in: Running multiple Open edX platforms on a single server — Tutor documentation

still when running quickstart after changing the root tutor would execute:
`docker-compose -f /home/user/.local/share/tutor-second/env/local/docker-compose.yml -f /home/user/.local/share/tutor-second/env/local/ --project-name tutor_local stop

I had however changed the LOCAL_PROJECT_NAME as described in the documentation.

Looking at the currently running containers for the Instance that is already running on the server they also all have generic names not incluing the project name like “tutor_local_mysql_1”

I have taken over the system and was not the one that initally had set up tutor.
Any advice of what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated.

Hello @ChristianBFrank i am new here in openedx tutor i wanted to run multi instance on same server. But i have no idea from where to start it. Please help me setting up for multi instance. I read the document, as i am new here i was not able to do so. Please guide me through this. i am using tutor version 17.0.0.

you can use this docs TVM as Environment Manager — TVM documentation,
i have same problem back then you can have a look on this Runing multiple vaersions of tutor

thank you for the advice.
I installev tvm and inialised an new enviroment, however the tutor quickstart is still running

        Stopping any existing platform
docker-compose -f /home/user/.local/share/tutor-thailand/tutor-thailand/env/local/docker-compose.yml -f /homeusert/.local/share/tutor-thailand/tutor-thailand/env/local/ --project-name tutor_local stop

which causes all of my currently running containers with the original tutor installation to stop

when I:
it says tutor-thailand, however the tutor quickstart still does tutoral local stop

it seems that the person initally setting up the edx installtion might have not set a diffrent project name when setting up the currently running open edx instance as the stack is called “tutor-local” Could this be the cause for the issue and if so should i reinitate the currently running project with a new project name which would then hopefully change the stacks name meaning it is no longer stopped by the tutor_local stop?