Native installation script is missing

Good getlocaltime()!

I’m trying to install open edX (ficus.3) using the following doc:

There is a step from doc:

Install Open edX. This can take some time, perhaps an hour:

wget$OPENEDX_RELEASE/util/install/ -O - | bash

But there is no file in that repository!

So, how to perform the native installation? Our VPS doesn’t support any virtualization.

Thanks a lot.

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For the ficus release you can try


Thanks a lot.

I installed edX using that script. But how to start edX itself after installation?

root@vmi274432:~# /edx/bin/supervisorctl start all
root@vmi274432:~# /edx/bin/supervisorctl status

I got “Uh oh, we are having some server issues…” error at index page. How to find an issue that caused that error?

Switched to open-release/ficus.master instead of ficus.3 and it started working.

BTW: I’ve added a note to the installation page: for Ginkgo and before it was called