Need help with reinstalling tutor and Open edX locally

My edx-platform files got corrupted and I wanted a fresh install of tutor and to ‘pull’ edx-platform again. However I simply cannot delete them.

I’m using PopOS. Tried deleting the files with sudo and it deletes them but once I reopen the terminal, the files are there again. (tho not all, only the cms and lms folder under edx-platform). I checked the access using ‘ls -l’ and they all had root access. I tried changing permissions and deleting again but they appeared again and there is a lock icon in the GUI of the folders. From what I’ve found, there are some background processes that reopen these files, if that makes sense. Now I’m not sure how to figure out what process is doing this.

I thought other people might have faced this so this might be a good place to ask for help. I need to work on a couple issues but I can’t because of this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!