Need to host the openedx lms and cms in two diiferent domains ( in the same server)

Hi team,

I need to host open edx lms and cms in two different subdomains. So I tried the following

Step 1: In the config.yml, added the following


But it was not working and both domains are pointing to the same LMS home page. Also, I need to add the wildcard SSL certificate for the same subdomains. So where should I add these details and Please help me to resolve this issue?

Note: Both subdomains were parked to the same IP ( xxx.xx.131.22)

Edit the virtualhost, in /edx/app/nginx/sites-available/cms , just find ‘18010’ and edit like this:

#listen 18010 ;

Also make sur you change CMS_BASE in your lms.env.json or lms.yml and your cms.env.json or studio.yml

Restart all services and now you will have it!