How to set-up/get to work the domain/subdomains/hostnames?


I have a domain which manager is in one place, a DNS/Hosting which is i another place and my OpenEdX VM in another placce (Azure).

And I would like to set up my OpenEdX instance to be:


I already added a redirection on my DNS; but I want to hide the ip addresses and port and stay just with the domain name in the browser address bar.

I kind of figured out how to do it with (as it is in the 80 port, adding a CNAME instead of the actual redirection will work) but I don’t know what to do with given that is not possible to add a port in a CNAME record on my DNS.

So, I’ll appreciate your help/suggestions!

Thanks in advance.

@kike.ramirez, the Open edX native installation method sets up an nginx web server with separate virtual hosts for LMS, Studio etc, thereby allowing both sites to be accessed using just the domain names. If you set up and configure SSL for your Open edX instance, the installation method automatically enables SSL for those virtual hosts so that you can access LMS at and Studio at

In this scenario, you just need to have the and domain names point to the IP address of the server on which the Open edX instance is running, via A or CNAME records.