Setting up STUDIO


I am having issues configuring the CMS part of EDX. I understand that LMS host and Studio host must either be the same hostname (on different ports), or Studio must be a subdomain of the LMS.

I am using JUNIPER 3. I choosed the second option because I thought it would be easier to use a sub domain as the nginx configuration looks already set up for this and I don’t want to dive into it at the moment.

Therefore, my config.yml may look like this :
EDXAPP_CMS_BASE: “studio.edx-MYDOMAIN.local”

I have installed it on a local test platform so basically to resolve my domains, it relies on my hosts file.

However, the resolution doesn’t seem to work.
If I specify the 18010 port in the address bar, it can land on STUDIO /CMS part. But it is not working well. It loops on the studio signin page.

Another go was to comment out the port section in /edx/app/nginx/sites-available/cms, but I got the same result as above.

Can somebody help please ?

Hi christophe,

Is this a devstack-type installation, or native? To achieve what you want in terms of name resolution, you should definitely go the native route.

Also, what release are you trying? These are the updated instructions for the latest one, Koa.

Finally, if the machine where you installed Open edX can’t itself resolve those names, you may run into the login loop you’re seeing. Did you try adding the domains to the /etc/hosts file of the Open edX machine?