New SCORM XBlock

Hi all! We would like to announce the release of a new SCORM XBlock:

It is an evolution over Raccoon Gang’s original XBlock, with cleaner code and S3 storage compatibility. You can try it out today by running pip install openedx-scorm-xblock in your native Open edX installation. This XBlock also comes bundled by default in the most recent release of Tutor.

We are very much open to comments and pull requests!

That’s it! Thank you!


@regis great news!

A quick question - what SCORM Player does this xblock use? (For example, the Appsembler’s xblock needs licensing a third party component from JCA Solutions.)

None: when uploading a package, it is necessary to upload the player with it.

Kudos @regis :slight_smile: Would it be worth updating this section in Confluence?

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