New Theme installation for Open edX using Cubite Technologies

I want to install a new theme in openedx using Cubite technologies. And using a digital ocean server. Do you have any documents on Openedx installation in the digital ocean?

I believe the cubite installation is fixed at version lilac and the current release is up to palm.

I did try out the cubite install in digitalocean, but then decided instead to set up Tutor inside a droplet with the appropriate prerequisites: Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation

I have a successful testing platform running on digitalocean using Tutor.

Good luck to you!

Do I go for Tutor or Cubite? If I go with the tutor so how o install the tutor in the droplet (Digital Ocean)?
What’s your suggestion to use Tutor or Cubite?
One-click installation of Tutor Openedx in the Digital Ocean. Is this available or not?

Why did you decide to drop Cubite and go with the other?

Hi Zaid,
One click install of Tutor is not available in DigitalOcean.

You’ll notice Cubite is based on open edx version lilac, which is several versions behind the current Open edX version palm: Lilac, Maple, Nutmeg, Olive, Palm. This was the main reason I chose to manually install Tutor in a DigitalOcean droplet. If you do further digging, you’ll see Cubite has not been updated in 2-3 years, and based on that track record will likely never be updated to the most recent version of Open edX.

To install Tutor in the droplet, you will have to:

  1. Make sure your new droplet meets the basic requirements of Tutor (I used the following specs: 8 GB Memory / 4 AMD vCPUs / 160 GB Disk / Choose the region best for you / Ubuntu 22.10 x64)
  2. SSH into your droplet and make sure you have the prerequisites installed (check your python, docker, and docker compose versions)
  3. Install Tutor using one of the options described in the installation guide.

Tutor Installation Instructions

It’s not one click, but it’s not that much harder. You just have to set aside a little bit of extra time and familiarize yourself with how to do it.

One more thing - the process of installing themes in Tutor is done with plugins. You can read more about that process here: Changing the appearance of Open edX — Tutor documentation

They even have a starter theme called “Indigo

Ok, Thanks you for your support.

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