Notification email to successful students

Hi there!

How can we send a notification e-mail to the user who has successfully completed the course?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @sevdesivri

There is no such existing feature in Open edX® to send an email upon course completion.

Available features (if configured) are:
(1) Enrol/Un-enrol notifications
(2) Password reset email
(3) Instructor Bulk Emails to Learners or Staff.

Perhaps one of the known Open edX® service providers can help you with your requirement: Fully Managed – Open edX

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Hello @sevdesivri

As Dean pointed out there isn’t an automated notification upon course completion. However, using the triggers and actions framework you can raise a signal when the learner gets a certificate and pass that information along to an external webhook that can send the email you want.
This capability is already available as part of edunext cloud hosting services or you can also leverage it in your own installation as it’s being added to the master platform. You’ll find more info about it in onw of the workshops the upcoming open edX conference in Lisbon.