Nutmeg: Courses visible in catalog/front page despite visibility being set to "about"

I just upgraded my pre-production site from Lilac to Nutmeg. Now all the courses which are set to “about”, which should not be showing up on the site’s front page, are showing up. I do not have the discovery plugin enabled. I also have the following plugin enabled which I found necessary on Lilac to stop things from showing up when they shouldn’t.

name: disable_course_discovery
version: 0.1.0
  openedx-lms-common-settings: |

How can I return to the behavior that some classes are accessible if their About page is linked to from within another class, but they don’t show up on the front page?

OK…I don’t know what happened, maybe it was just one extra “tutor local quickstart” after plugin enablement (and new markdown xblock install, which maybe shook something loose) that fixed it…but now things no longer show up. I’m just going to leave this here though incase other people need that plugin to help with course hiding.

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