Observer role for a student to see the progress

Hi Team,

Great work on this wonderful software! I’m new to this ecosystem and I’m exploring for one of my clients I consult for.

I would like to know if it is possible to configure an observer kind of a role to a specific individual, (like a parent to student) or to a group of people (like a HR manager) , who can monitor their progress and motivate them.

Is this available in configurations or does it need software customisations, if it needs customization how difficult would it be to do it?

Thanks in advance.

@Karthick_S There are some capabilities in Insights to allow someone to monitor individual learner analytics - this isn’t restricted to a specific set of users, and the information isn’t very detailled, but that might help:

A way to only grant access to analytics for specific subgroups of a course to use custom courses (CCX) to split a given course into different subgroups, and then provide access to that specific CCX.

An alternative would be to generate a grade report for the course students, and then send the relevant portion of the report, or display it in a separate application. This could be done manually, or automated.