Any Interest in Introducing edx-toggles to edx-analytics-dashboard?

Hello everyone!

We had a small change, edx-analytics-dashboard#1096 (cc @Fox_Piacenti), which would’ve added edx-toggles to the analytics dashboard. Fortunately, the waffle flag we were hoping to add turned out not to be necessary. This made way for some slight budget which would be enough to convert one of the existing waffle flags or switched to use edx-toggles.

  • Would that be something edX is interested in doing, and maybe we’d be able to help nudge the process in that direction?
  • Would it be an issue if only one flag or switch were to be converted, and not all?
  • Would it be an issue if the waffle flags or switches had to be renamed to include a namespace?

Please let us know. If this doesn’t conflict with any of edX’s plans, we’d love to help out :smiley:

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Great questions.

  1. We do want to use edx-toggles throughout the Open edX code base because it adds reporting capabilities.
  2. There will soon be linting to ensure that edx-toggles is used and that they are annotated.
  3. Updating one flag/switch at a time is fine by me.
  4. There is a NonNamespaced version of the flag and switch classes specifically to accommodate legacy flags and switches that don’t include a namespace. I’d use that rather than trying to change names.

That’s awesome to hear!

Alright then :smiley: I’ll mark your answer as a solution, and I’ll be sure to send a pull request once the changes are ready!

Oh, that’s nice to know! Sorry, I guess I should’ve dug a little deeper.

Thanks a lot for the answer!

Pull Request: edx-analytics-dashboard#1110