OEP-18 updates: Tighter rules around URLs for Python dependencies

I’m proposing some updates to OEP-18 (Python Dependency Management), specifically around dependencies that use URLs instead of PyPI. The main change is asking that each URL-based dependency be accompanied with a link to a clean-up issue.

I don’t think the updates are big enough to warrant an arbiter, but if you disagree, let me know and I can find one :slightly_smiling_face:.

Please leave your comments and concerns on the PR. If there are no blocking concerns by end-of-day Friday March 10th then I will merge.

FYIs: @jmbowman (original author) and @cpennington (original arbiter :wink:)

This is great. There are other changes I might like to see (such as using a commit hash rather than a branch or tag) but this is a distinct, separable improvement and I wouldn’t want to delay it.

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