OEP-26: Plugin for xAPI and Caliper support has been released!

Hi all!

I’m excited to share that the initial version of event-routing-backends (v5.1.0) has been released (github, pypi). This plugin is compatible with Maple release of the platform.

What is event-routing-backends?

It is a plugin that enables the transformation of edX events into xAPI and Caliper format, and routing of transformed events to configured http endpoints or LRS.

This plugin enables users to:

  1. Filter events by their name and one or more fields
  2. Asynchronously transform selected events into xAPI and/or Caliper format
  3. Asynchronously route transformed events to http endpoints (using basic or bearer authentication)
  4. Retry events that fail to route for a configured number of times and duration
  5. Persist failed routing attempts in the database and retry later

What is xAPI and Caliper?

xAPI and Caliper are widely used formats of structure and vocabulary that enable instructors, learners and institutions to collect and share learning and usage data.

In order to learn more about specifications explore xAPI and Caliper.


edX-event-routing-backends will enable users to:

  1. Perform cross-LMS integration
  2. Create alerts and keep records for high-profile events like enrolment, completion, etc.
  3. Integrate with adaptive learning engines


  1. xAPI statements have been generated using the Tincan library and have been tested with ADL’s certified Rustici LRS.
  2. Certification for Caliper events is in progress.

Can I suggest additions/changes?

Absolutely! Events that we thought would be useful for the community, and are being generated in edX platform, are currently supported. Please feel free to suggest adding support for additional events (preferably the ones already being generated by the edX platform) or changes in mapping of edX events onto xAPI or Caliper format. Please reach out to @aayub or @Zia_Fazal for suggestions.

Supported events?

A list of events that are currently supported in this plugin can be found here.

For further information about the plugin release visit the documentation.

Thanks to @nimisha for her guidance and support for this development.


Demo video for xAPI setup can be accessed here.

Thanks for your information. Hope more like this will come in the future. I’m trying to integrate open edx with xAPI. BTW I’m very new to open edx and xAPI.