How to enable xAPI or TinCan

how to enable xAPI or TinCan on open edx?

does anyone use this GitHub - openfun/openedx-xapi: Open edX xAPI plugin // DISCONTINUED?

Hi @muneera_salah! I’m not sure about TinCan, but for xAPI you’ll want to have a look at event-tracking and event-routing-backends. The overview of the event-routing-backends README is a good place to start.

It mentions that

work to support xAPI and Caliper event formats is in progress.

And it looks like a number of xAPI-related PRs were merged recently.

So while full support for xAPI (as laid out in the section on xAPI Real-time Events from OEP 0026) doesn’t seem to be available yet, it may become available some time in the near future.