OEP-66: Authorization Best Practices

It’s my pleasure to announce a new Best Practice OEP about how we should be doing Authorization and access control within the Open edX Platform. Authored by @Hilary it provides a great overview of the current state of Authorization as well as the preferred way to manage authz moving forward.

Please review the OEP and provide feedback. We will have a review period of 3 weeks starting today.


Arbiter: @feanil
PR: OEP-66: Authorization Best Practices by hsinkoff · Pull Request #520 · openedx/open-edx-proposals · GitHub
Review Period: 2023-09-27T04:00:00Z2023-10-18T04:00:00Z


Reminder, tomorrow is the last day to provide comments for this OEP. Please review and provide feedback if this is relevant to you.

This OEP is now marked as accepted and has been merged! :tada:

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