Open edX admin panel theming

I am trying to apply a theme to the django admin panel. Jazzmin to be exact. In a normal django project we just run a pip installation command and add the name of the package to the INSATLLED_APPS.

Please refer to the link for more information about installation.

How do we apply this theme to the Open edX koa admin panel? I tried to find a solution online. But I couldn’t find anything regarding the issue.

Any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bala !

Jazzmin is not something that we support or recommend, as it may interfere with other settings or components. Actually, Django admin is a place for superusers only. It should be used just for certain tasks, as the user can really break things there. IMHO, If you need other users to perform tasks that cannot be done in the LMS or Studio, I suggest you develop an application just for this.

Hi @andres ,

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the reply. I have a small doubt. I have an admin dashboard where the super users can perform actions to generate reports and get statistics according to the report’s requirements. But using the admin dashboard to generate reports take a long time because of the size of the database.

To get around the time complexity I am working on the django admin panel to enhance the functionality of the admin panel by adding an bulk upload option and another button to download the selected rows of data. The admin panel looks a bit dull so I was also trying to add a theme to the admin panel so that it looks more vibrant.

If not for jazzmin is there some other UI/UX app that is supported by open edx, Or should I create one on my own?

If I have to create one on my own, Is there any documentation that I can refer to?

I am relatively new to open edx. So please help me out.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Bala!

Well… You’ve touched a hot topic: reporting and analytics. There is currently a discussion about it inside the Open edX community. And it is yet far from arriving to a conclusion.
There are a few approaches to analytics provided by some support partners. You can check there.
IMHO, I don’t think that a Django admin panel is the best place to do this. Open edX doesn’t offer any option to change the theme of the admin panel.

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Hi @andres!

Thank you so much for the suggestion. I will look for a different course of action.