500 error on the LMS servers

Hi, I am new to EDX development.
I successfully installed open edx using Tutor method, and imported demo course, create some courses, update the indigo theme, and also integrated with Oauth2. All are work fine before.
But today I saw " There has been a 500 error on the LMS servers" error message appearing on some LMS pages such as profile page, account page.
Also, I couldn’t view the course view pages and they show " Page not found" message.
I couldn’t find what was the reason for that.
Can anyone help to resolve it?
Thank you.

Could you provide server logs?
tutor local logs lms --tail=0 -f
Go to pages have error and watch the logs

Thank You for the reply. Here are the last 200 logs.
rc.local (61.7 KB)

There are nearly more than 100,000 logs in the log file. Is there any specific way to filter out it?

I saw some errors, not sure what they are. If you have errors on profile or account pages, it could relate to tutor-mfe.
Could you provide outputs of these commands:
tutor --version
tutor local status
tutor plugins list

Thank you very much for your reply.
The tutor-mfe plugin was disabled. Thats why I got the error. After enabling, I can view the pages perfectly as before.
Thank you once again.

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