Open edx consuming huge amount of memory

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We have installed open edx from git repo. we have noticed that it consuming all 32 GB RAM in server. No user is logged in, but still it consuming more this memory. Is this expected?. Anyone please suggest tips to optimize memory usage. htop output is available in

Hello @iamsumesh, welcome to the Open edX community.

We don’t really expect it to use that much memory. We currently run it on VMs with 8GB RAM.

I see that you are running RabbitMQ on the same machine, and it’s using the bulk of that memory. Can you further describe how you performed the install?


I remember that in a similar situation I found that I have to decrease number of processors. the more number of CPUs the more workers will be created and for each worker an specific amount of memory will be occupied. so depends on the minimum requirements I suggest you to set 4 CPU cores for 32GB of memory or increase your memory to 160GB for those 20 CPU cores. :slight_smile:

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This generally happen because by default edX might be creating too many gunicorn/celery workers, taking too much RAM.

Try looking at [1] which describe how to prevent some memory leaks (too much cache), and if you are using the ansible configurator, the comment about changing EDXAPP_WORKERS to reduce the number of lms and cms workers.




Hello guys!

For this problem, is it possible to take gunicorn to another endpoint? Make it as microservice?