How much physical storage is needed to run open Edx on Azure Cloud Solution


I’ve decided to run Open Edx on Azure Container platform, so now what I need to know is that what is the requirement for storage and memory needed for physical machine to run my Azure Cloud Solution?

What are the specs for memory and storage for physical machine and virtual machine.

The official document says:

Minimum 25GB of free disk, 50GB recommended for production servers**

however, @lpm0073 believes that:

the Open edX documentation’s “minimum hardware requirements” are exactly that: the bare minimum that is technically feasible. You need more robust gear for a production deployment.

I agree with him. 100GB would be safer for production environments.

A blank Tutor-based installation uses 341 MB in the data/ folder – this includes MySQL database (283 MB), MongoDB (17 MB) and the Android app (21 MB). I’d say that the amount of space that you need depends on how many students your platform will have, how frequently they will have to upload files, how big these files will be, how much videos your staff will upload, how large they are, etc. It could end up being anywhere between 100 MB and 100 TB.

For memory, I was told by a system administrator who runs a large Open edX platform that the LMS requires up to 16 GB/500k unique users/week.

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