Open edX Course Template Builder

Hello, everyone!

I mentioned this in the Merging edX Courses thread, but I figured I’d bring it up as its own thing as well.

A while ago I created the HarvardX Course Template Builder for our project leads. You answer some questions about your course (length, structure, desired template) and it builds you a blank course that you can import to Studio. It really speeds up the process of clicking “New Unit” over and over.

You are welcome to use it as much as you like. My bosses have ok’d releasing this into the wild, including our usual boilerplate (intro pages and a few sample items). The code is available on a GitHub repo if you want to make your own custom version or just see how it works.


This looks really useful, thanks. I know it got its start as a tool for courses destined for, but of course it can be used for any Open edX site as well (ideally the name would be openedx_course_templater, but I know it’s awkward to change at this stage).