Open edX Roadmap Workshop

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@antoviaque @nimisha mentioned that some questions came up about the Roadmap workshop in the latest Contributor Discussion. I wanted to capture them and respond to them here. I’m not sure that I know all of the questions that came up, but Nimisha mentioned the following things:

Should opportunity briefs be submitted if they are not super well developed or in draft form?

Yes! The community together can iterate on draft briefs and we are better served by capturing more opportunities than worrying overmuch about the quality of the briefs. If you have a good idea that is “rough and ready” please submit it. If fact, visibility into shared needs would be valuable in itself.

Are we committing to doing all the work for the opportunities that we submit?

No, as a group we’ll prioritize the opportunities and create a roadmap. We should all be willing to invest our efforts to realize the top priorities, but there’s no expectation that we do everything that is identified. We will end up with a story map that corresponds to named releases and we’ll work to keep batch sizes reasonable.

What is the deadline for submitting opportunity briefs?

The deadline for submitting briefs is September 30, 2020.

Please add whatever other questions folks have to this thread.

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@e0d Great - that helps clarifying the outstanding questions on my side for now, thanks!