Architecture Roadmap & Workshop Prep

Hey everyone,

I took a stab at documenting what I believe is the current status of Architectural work in progress and work planned. Please see FY21 Architecture User Story Roadmap.

This is essentially a different view of what was categorically listed in Needed Architecture Investments.

(I currently have this in Lucidchart. Ideally, we would put this in a shared “muro” so we can co-edit. Anyone have experience with this?)

Call to Actions

  • If you see any corrections, please respond to this thread, message me, or add a comment on the wiki.
  • If you see any items listed in the “backlog” that you’d be interested in tackling, please reach out so we can coordinate.
  • If you have other ideas not shown on the roadmap that would advance our architecture or improve our developer experience, please reach out as well.

We can coordinate to see what you/we can submit as “opportunities” to the Open edX Workshop in a few weeks.


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