Open edX SGA unicode error


I was trying to configure edx_sga but getting an error in the component edit section.

using lilac (Tutor 12.0.1)

We’re having trouble rendering your component

Students will not be able to access this component. Re-edit your component to fix the error.

Error: name ‘unicode’ is not defined

unicode is a function from python 2, and python 2 is no longer used with Open edX. Most likely, the installed version of edx_sga is old. Could you confirm the version of edx_sga you’re using, and whether you are able to update?

If you’re running lilac on Tutor, then I don’t think the SGA version could be that old (let me know if that’s a bad assumption).

I don’t suppose you have a traceback in your error log? It would help to have some more context for the error.

If not, could you possibly export your course and send me the export?

Or paste the XML for the block in question here?

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