Open edX Technology Radar next steps

Hello all!

I’d like to invite you to collaborate on the next step in the creation of Open edX’s technology radar. For details on the process thus far, please peruse Open edX Technology Radar on the wiki.

We’re about to start Step 7: Descriptions which will involve writing up descriptions of the ~150 technologies (“blips”) we’ve slated for inclusion on our radar. The goal of this step is to have a shared understanding of our blips and high-quality descriptions of each one that we can then use to vote on their level of adoption in the platform.

If you’d like to participate (and we hope you do!) by writing up or reviewing some technologies, please visit our Open edX Tech Radar spreadsheet and read through the README sheet for instructions.

Thanks for being great collaborators, and we’ll see you in the spreadsheet!

David and Nimisha

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This coming Wednesday, July 21st, we’ll be having a Tech Radar working session from 11am to noon ET on Zoom. During this session we’ll be splitting up and writing short descriptions for “Blips” on the Radar, with the goal of documenting as many Open edX technologies as possible during one hour! This session is open to the community.

You can think of these descriptions as one or two paragraph decision records; they briefly describe what the technology is, where it’s used (or not used), and why. Come help us collaboratively build this great resource for our community!

Zoom meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Radar spreadsheet: Open edX Technology Radar (2021) - Google Sheets
Wiki page:
The Radar visualization:

See you then!

Hi everyone,

Late notice, I know, but if anyone’s able to attend, please do!

We have another working session scheduled for Wednesday, Aug 8th at 11am ET.