Open edX Tech Radar Workshop June 9!

Hi all,

We’re holding a workshop on June 9 at 11am Eastern to collaboratively create a Tech Radar for the Open edX platform. Please join us! We need your expertise.

Sign up sheet is here: Open edX Tech Radar Workshop Signup Sheet - Google Sheets

More details and links on the wiki:

Please DM David Joy on Slack, respond to this post with your email address, or leave your email address on the sign up sheet and we can add you to the Calendar invite.

For those not familiar with a “tech radar”, it’s a visual representation of a set of technologies and engineering techniques, indicating their relative levels of adoption using a series of concentric “rings”. Those items (“blips”) in the center are fully adopted, those around the periphery are “on hold” and have fallen out of favor. Blips in the middle rings are either being trialed in a limited capacity, or undergoing further investment on their way toward full adoption.

For Open edX, we believe this would be a living document describing the set of technologies, frameworks, techniques and tools we work with in the platform, with detailed descriptions of their status, history in the platform, and level of adoption.

@nimisha and I are working together to organize and plan the workshop, and would welcome collaborators! Please reach out to either of us here or on the Open edX Slack if you’d like to help us organize a productive session.

If you’d like to participate in the session itself, we’ll be sharing a meeting invite once the date is finalized.


This is definitely something I am interested in.

It would have been incredibly useful when I started working with Open edX way back in September 2014 just before the first named-release Aspen.

At the time I was coming from a hiatus of about 14 years from day-to-day system administration while I was working in an infosec role for 13 years. Just learning about technologies I never used then like Python, Django, Mongo, ElasticSearch and a “few” others was a steep learning curve before I was able to launch our Open edX instance with Aspen in February 2015. Just having a list of the technologies would have been incredibly useful to me then.

I don’t know how I can contribute, but I will definitely make myself available for the workshop.


Hello again!

We finalized the date. I edited the first post above to reflect this. Next week on June 9th at 11:00am eastern, we’re going to be holding an Open edX Tech Radar Workshop. During the workshop we’ll be collaboratively creating a tech radar for the Open edX platform.

We need your expertise! We want to understand the technologies that you feel are important parts of the Open edX ecosystem.

Please sign up for a breakout room ahead of time!

More details and links on the wiki:

Calendar invite:

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing everyone,

-David and Nimisha


Hi all,

Reminder that tomorrow morning we’ll be holding our Tech Radar Workshop. If you’re interested in attending, please sign up for a breakout room on the sign up sheet if you haven’t already.

Tech Radar Workshop Sign-up Sheet

There’s also a tiny amount of pre-work to ensure we have a successful meeting. We’re going to be using a Miro board to organize our work, and want to make sure everyone is familiar with the program and can log in and view our board.

Tech Radar Workshop Miro Board

Please visit the board, and under “STEP 2”, pick an unclaimed card and add your name, your favorite part of the platform, and your breakout room topic. Try grabbing and filling out a sticky note.

Now you’re ready! See you all tomorrow,

-David and Nimisha

Please see this new post to contribute to the next step in the process: Open edX Technology Radar next steps

Hi everyone,

This coming Wednesday, July 21st, we’ll be having a Tech Radar working session from 11am to noon ET on Zoom. During this session we’ll be splitting up and writing short descriptions for “Blips” on the Radar, with the goal of documenting as many Open edX technologies as possible during one hour! This session is open to the community.

You can think of these descriptions as one or two paragraph decision records; they briefly describe what the technology is, where it’s used (or not used), and why. Come help us collaboratively build this great resource for our community!

Zoom meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Radar spreadsheet: Open edX Technology Radar (2021) - Google Sheets
Wiki page:
The Radar visualization:

See you then!

Everyone, please use this zoom link instead: