OpenEdx Offline Access?

Hi all,
Is there any possibility for offline access OpenEdx course (pc or mobile)?
For example, download a course content when there is internet access, then access the course content offline later. Kind of similar concept to download then offline watch netflix movies.
Or, is there any activity can do if a learner has no internet access ? Thanks.

There is partial support. You can use the Open edX iOS/Android apps to download videos in some courses and watch them offline. However, other course components require internet access.

Hi Braden,
Thanks for your reply.
The mobile app is for official openedx courses. Not the open edx site i created and tested for.
In order to test for my openedx site, seems there is an android plugin i can test.

The apps are open source, and if you run them locally (in XCode / Eclipse) and/or build them, brand them, and publish them on the app stores, your customized version of the apps will work with your Open edX site.