Ora2 download file name

Hi All,

We are using Ora2 in ironwood.master release. It came with 2.2.0, had issues, we have upgraded to 2.3.3, now most things are okay, except these two:

  1. It shows 20 links even though just 1 file is uplaoded
  2. the downloaded file for grading doesn’t come with original name, so it becomes difficult to open it after download.

has anyone resolve these?


Which file storage backend are you using? This issue has been resolved for local filesystem storage.

I was using local storage. Was not resolved till 2.3.x, that is the level i could go without disturbing ironwood install.

Right. You will need to merge this pull request in your locally-running version of edx-ora2: https://github.com/edx/edx-ora2/pull/1140
If you don’t know how to do this, I can create a fork of edx-ora2 that includes this specific fix.

The name was already available/displayed next to the link, i just passed it back as parameter with download call and used it