Ironwood: ORA Files

Hello Everyone!

We have recently migrated our platform from hawthorn to Ironwood.

While testing, we are facing some issues related to ORA.

In ORA, we are not able to find the learner’s submission for ORA problems which were uploaded by students before migration.

It’s working fine for recently uploaded files.

We are storing the ORA responses in S3.

Can anyone help?

Hello folks,

We have found the solution for this, hereby I’m commenting here so it might be helpful to someone in the future!

As I said, we had migrated our platform from hawthorn to Ironwood, after that we got this issue.

When we search for individual learners’ submission, the submission will be found on the bases of the user’s anonymous user-id. And anonymous user-id generating on the bases of the Secret key, which is present in lms.auth.json

So in our case secret key is different for both versions hawthorn and ironwood, that’s why we are not able to get the submissions of students.

Make sure to copy these settings from your previous versions!