Order History in Olive and Palm

Following discussions with @pshiu and after trying a few things, I found a “workaround” that will work for us but that may not work for most people.

I’ve tried setting the following environment variables in a plugin with MFE_CONFIG but none of them would get passed to the frontend-app-ecommerce MFE and therefore it would not display the Order History.


It’s probably because the tutor-mfe and the tutor-ecommerce plugins handle MFE_CONFIG differently. Not being an MFE expert, it’s probably something @arbrandes or @regis should take a look at.

Anyways, in our case we previously needed to fork tutor-ecommerce to use our fork of frontend-app-payment because we wanted the currency to display in CAD and we did not want to display the PayPal button.

In order to fix our Order History problem, we also needed to use our fork of tutor-ecommerce in order to use our fork of frontend-app-ecommerce.

Because we did not find a way to setup the values of the environment variables through various plugins, we had no choice but to set them up in the .env file of frontend-app-ecommerce.

This will work because we use our own forks of tutor-ecommerce and frontend-app-ecommerce, but it will not work for anybody else.

As we are still one of the rare Open edX instances to still use ecommerce as of Nutmeg, Olive and Palm, this workaround works for us, but it will not be working for anybody using a default Open edX installation.

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