Palm.4 has been tagged

Hello community!

BTR Working Group has just tagged the open-release/palm.4 release.

Starting with the Quince release, Django 4.2 will be used, and support for the SHA1 session hashing algorithm will be fully removed.

This special release has been created to ensure a smooth transition to Django 4.2 , by switching to SHA256 and adding a fallback session verification process for legacy sessions.

Upgrading from Palm.3 or earlier to Quince.1 or later will result in all users being logged out. Depending on the size and needs of your site, this may be OK.

If this would not be OK for your site, then upgrade to Palm.4 before upgrading to Quince.1 or later. The longer you run Palm.4, the fewer users will be logged out upon upgrading to Quince.1 or later.

Specifically, assuming a uniform distribution of site traffic over time, you can expect that (1 - P/X)*U regular site visitors will be logged out upon upgrading, where:

  • P is the number of days you run Palm.4
  • X is your site’s session time-to-live (in days)
  • U is the number of users that regularly visit your site

Tutor relese for the Palm.4 will be created this week.

Besides the main goal, the release includes some bug fixes, improvements and security updates.
You can review the new commits added since Palm.3 below:

---- ./frontend-app-course-authoring ----
2ffe9ba 2023-10-25 Stanislav: fix: Missed favicon in Safari (#634)

---- ./edx-analytics-data-api ----
8c8bcc4 2023-09-09 magajh: chore: upgrade Django to 3.2.21

---- ./ecommerce ----
99f66832f 2023-11-16 Muhammad Soban Javed: feat: add native Dockerfile to create ansible free image (#3964)

---- ./devstack ----
4c42b28 2023-05-10 Muhammad Soban Javed: feat: introduce ansible-free docker image for edx-notes-api (#1053)
e602944 2023-05-08 Muhammad Soban Javed: feat: use ansible-free docker image for ecommerce (#1057)
64e974a 2023-04-29 Muhammad Umar Khan: feat: add xqueue-config for ansible-free docker image (#1006)

---- ./xqueue ----
ba777e5 2023-11-16 Muhammad Soban Javed: fix: backport codecov removal to Palm

---- ./frontend-app-learning ----
0e98399 2023-11-13 Taras Lytvynenko: fix: [RGOeX-25901] Handle rtl/ltr for hangouts (#1192)

---- ./edx-platform ----
9259411647 2023-08-16 alipov_d: fix: User retirement 404 for state RETIRING_FORUMS
71f5463c5b 2023-10-13 Muhammad Soban Javed: test: update hash value with hash from sha256
882ab742b5 2023-10-13 Muhammad Soban Javed: feat!: update DEFAULT_HASHING_ALGORITHM to sha256
d22146c781 2023-10-11 Awais Qureshi: feat!: Adding fall back method for `sha1` in case default algo is `sha256` (#33345)
bf1c434f10 2023-05-15 alipov-dm: fix: share certificate in FB

---- ./frontend-app-discussions ----
173b065 2023-11-08 Ihor Romaniuk: fix: unify font-family with paragon component styles (#596)
cb28557 2023-11-07 Ihor Romaniuk: fix: container indents and style imports (#599)

---- ./frontend-app-profile ----
1a4174d 2023-11-08 Ihor Romaniuk: fix: trim long text in form controls and username block (#887)
9461973 2023-11-08 vladislavkeblysh: feat: fixed displaying field and visibility forms (#865)
06e827b 2023-10-16 vladislavkeblysh: feat: Fixed displaying banner and certificates on mobile view (palm.master) (#861)

---- ./frontend-app-gradebook ----
facf1c8 2023-10-27 alipov_d: fix: file input handler

---- ./frontend-app-communications ----
d9cce51 2023-11-16 Ihor Romaniuk: fix: date format depends on locale date format (#173)
925a739 2023-10-26 vladislavkeblysh: feat: fixed lint
42bea23 2023-10-21 vladislavkeblysh: feat: fixed layout
833de88 2023-10-17 Stanislav Lunyachek: fix: Missed favicon in Safari
bd85312 2023-11-03 Omar Al-Ithawi: feat: use `atlas` in `make pull_translations` on palm (#156)

---- ./frontend-app-account ----
cba396c 2023-10-25 Ihor Romaniuk: fix: trim long text in links in the social networks block (#915)
9e338d0 2023-10-19 Taras Lytvynenko: fix: error when trying to save 'other education' (#881)
7ea26d5 2023-08-31 alipov_d: feat: add toggling for the hardcode support link